Gianni Maroccolo – A.C.A.U. La Nostra Meraviglia

Artist: Gianni Maroccolo
Genre: New Wave Rock
Label: Contempo Records


Originally released on cd only by Universal Music Italia in 2004, “A.C.A.U. La Nostra Meraviglia”, the first solo album by formerly Litfiba, CCCP and CSI bass player Gianni Maroccolo, is now reissued, first time on vinyl, by Contempo Records.
Double LP in super deluxe gatefold sleeve with a 12 pages booklet and with two bonus CD enclosed, the first one with the instrumental versions of all the songs on the album, the second one with 16 minutes of unreleased material recorded live with CCCPs singer Giovanni Lindo Ferretti and with a special video containing all the backstage of the recordings.
One of the best albums ever released in Italy, that mix new wave attitude with indie rock and a touch of classic italian melodies.
Each song is sung by a different singer. as you can see on the track list below:

Track List:
1.Fugge l’abbraccio (Pelù)
2.Adam Qadman (Raiz)
3.Carezza d’autunno (Carmen Consoli)
4.Night and storms (Battiato)
5.Meloria’s ballade (Cristina Donà)
6.Da raccontarti all’alba (Lorenzo)
7.Deriva finita (Godano)
8.Elianto (Ginevra De Marco)
9.End coming over action bird (Agnelli/Canali)
10.Sabbia (Renga)
11.Una prima volta (Chimenti)
12.Deus ti salvet Maria (aa/vv)         
13.Infondo (Fiamma)
14.Delicato delirio (Fiumani)
15.S’ostina (Ferretti)
16.Una prima volta (live) (Chimenti)