Diaframma – Sesso E Violenza

Artist: Diaframma
Genre: New Wave Rock
Label: Contempo Records


Contempo is proud to announce the reissue of the 3 Diaframma's albums of the 90s originally released on Abraxas label.
All three titles are released on LP, CD and Cassette.
Along with a standard black vinyl press there will also be a limited edition of 250 numbered copies on clear vinyl, presented November 6, 2016 during an “in store” together with Diaframma's leader, Federico Fiumani.
Limited edition of 100 copies on Cassette.

“Sesso e violenza”, released in 1996, come full circle of these three Diaframma reissues.
For the first time available on vinyl (originally it was released on CD and Cassette only) here is another album stating once again Diaframma's high production level.
More complex than previous albums but not less beautiful. It was not easy to write down the follow-up to “Non è tardi” in such a short time, though Federico Fiumani was successfull.
Songs like “Chiara”, “Endorfina” or “Il Mio Amore Ha Freddo” are there to testify.
An impossible-to-miss album, finally availabel again for Diaframma old and new fans.